30 April 2013

Country Strong: Strum'in the Country Blues

First, I like Gwyneth Paltrow. Hang me if you must. She's getting a lot of flack lately since being put on the cover of People magazine's most beautiful. I assure you I was not trying to add to any Gwyneth controversy. I just happened to watch this a couple of weeks ago & knew I'd make it a post.

Initially I thought that Country Strong might have been the architect for Nashville-a melodramatic late night soap opera I love. Yes! It's a soap opera even if it comes on at prime time. But after watching Country Strong I'm not so sure.

I like the movie because the ending was not predictable in any way-except towards the end.

The word "strong" is a tad bit of a misnomer. I would prefer to call it Country Mess or Country Sad. It's an achy breaky film. It is a country song, full of heart ache & missed opportunity. After watching this I think I might want to be pop star instead, or jazz star. Anything but a country music star. The performances are great, especially Gwyneth's! But life can be messy even for a country music star.

Despite my thought this would be an uplifting movie, I still really liked it. But I have two things to say, being a closeted country music fan-don't live a county music song like in this movie. Cowboy boots are still pretty great even with a very lady like red dress!

Come to think of it, maybe guitar playing is in my future too, like Hubby's {a story for another day folks}!

photo images: Sony Pictures

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