08 April 2013

Design-it-Yourself {DIY} Life: Kitchen Charm with these Kitchen Labels

I found these labels on Pinterest & had to share them. They're free. Reason #1. They are cute. Reason #2. They come in black & green. Reason #3. The come in round & rectangle. Reason #4. There are labels not just for seasoning, but also for containers for Sugar, Flour, Oil, Rice &c... Reason #5. Each set of labels is fill-able. Reason #6. Meaning if you have the complete Adobe you can download the labels & insert what you'd like in them. That's what I did above with our seasoning

shakers we purchase from Whole Food & then fill them with bulk seasonings {doing it this way is a lot cheaper then purchasing pre-filled seasoning}.  Here's a note though. If you do not have full Adobe {not Adobe Reader} you will not be able to save the fill in labels & then enter your ingredients into the labels later. Therefore, fill out the labels first before printing & saving them.

I love these labels. I'm label crazy now over here! If you're interested in going kitchen label crazy too go here to download your free labels. By the way, the download can take some time, so be patient.

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