22 April 2013

Impressions, Absurdly Funny Hypotheticals, Food & Wine: The Trip

If you love your husband...show him this movie. You'll love it too. He'll love it more. It's funny, unless you aren't really predisposed to funny. But after watching this movie I've realized some fundamental things about my life.

1. I need to find a friend who is not too cool for school to do impressions in public at impression levels {not in-door voice levels}.

2. I need to learn some James Bond impressions.

3. I have to find someone I can road trip with, for the sole purpose of eating.

4. Drinking wine should be funny.

5. Imagination & sleep is key. Especially when we're talking about "departing at dawn" towards the next fortress we shall overtake.

6. Anyone can ignore a negative snob of a friend if you have a good sense of humor.

7. I should get the low down on what my friends & family will say at my funeral so I can edit & add appropriately.

8. Always order the scallops. They don't go wrong.

9. Just smell it & nod. Elaboration isn't necessary.

So what's this movie about? All the above. But if you demand more explanation...it's about two "friends" one negative, one positive, both funny who embark on a culinary road trip of sorts. That's it. You'll like it! Your husband or boyfriend will like it more!

photo images: IFC Films

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