28 April 2013

Monday Morning Recipe: It's a Big Ship

Did you know that today, Monday, is the 119th day & 18th week of the year. I know that we had high hopes at the start of this New Year, & I think we still do. But I have a sneaking suspicion that some of you might have taken a little detour off the positivity-I'm going to change my life, wagon.

Don't give up!

When I get frustrated or critical of myself because I have not met a goal or it's taking longer than I thought, Hubby says the same thing. "It's a big ship, it takes a lot to turn it around.!" And it's true. Moving in a new direction {I just said "direction" in my head like a Brit "dye-rection"} or changing an ingrained habit takes time. So don't think about all you have to accomplish to reach your goal. Just have a lovely day each day this week, the instructions are above. What will happen is the lovelier you feel, the more you'll take care of yourself & that big ship will turn around!

Hubby has assured me this is not a weight reference.

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