03 April 2013

Starting the Day

Today we're going to talk about how not to have a negative day. I admit, this post was a result of having a bad day today. It's not that anything terribly went wrong. It was just that I was negative & not much positive was happening. Then the encounters I had with clients were less than energizing, to say the least. I had no energy, let alone patience for anything. Usually activities that give me a lot of joy (like my ballet classes) were frustrating (I mean it's not like they aren't frustrating at times, but usually I can laugh at myself).

I was born a positive person. Then somewhere a long the line, my positivity was kind of sucked out of me. I was told that I was "never living in reality," "living in a dream world" or always confronted with someone questioning "well  how do you suppose you'll do that?!" As an adult I actually work very hard at being positive, because it's not natural to me anymore {but it's coming back}. So I know through experience the way I start my day, is the type of day I will have.

Usually, I start each day with saying positive affirmations about my life, my day, my family's lives & their days, & all our futures. Then I usually pray some really big positive prayers that I have no idea how they will come to pass. Then through faith I believe they've been heard & are on my way if I stay in faith... or in other words stay positive. When I start my day like this, I always have a good day. People or circumstances are not always good everyday. But when I do my routine, those issues never really bother me. I have energy to move forward with my goals & visions.

Well today I did not do my morning routine. I got exactly what my thoughts encompassed when I woke up. I woke up tired, annoyed, & complaining in my head. And I went through my day tired, annoyed & complaining in my head. All day life gave me circumstances to meet my thoughts.

I'm saying all this to tell you, that the way we get our day started...or thinking {first thing in the morning} is the way our day will go all day. It may sound hokey. But unless you are a perpetually positive person with a track record to prove it, you may want to rethink your morning "thinks." I know for sure tomorrow, I will not skip my affirmation & prayer routine. Not until I have the positivity thing down pat.

Is there anything you do in particular to stay positive? If so I would love to hear it!

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