09 April 2013

the Flirtini

This drink is good for hump day  night {Wednesday = "hump day" if you don't know}.
This drink is good for the weekend {Weekend = Friday, Saturday...& "Yes," Sunday}.
Heck this drink is good for any night of the week.
It's a Flirtini.
If you're martini shy, you can flirt with the concept of a martini with a Flirtini.
I also imagine if you have enough Flirtinis you'll actually start flirting with the person in your line of sight. Make sure it's a good one {person in your line of sight, that is}.
I'm a martini drinker. But I'm also a Flirtini drinker as well.
I believe you might want to flirt with the concept of having this drink.

Here's how to make it. It requires: Equal parts Vodka and Champagne. Two parts Pineapple Juice. Mix in a shaker with ice. Serve neat!

If the above confuses you {or me} this is the recipe for one extremely large martini glass-pictured above, purchased as a gift to me from my friend. I love friends like her!

1/4 cup Vodka; 1/4 cup Champagne; 1/2 Pineapple Juice. I told you that's one large martini glass.

But you get the point. Drink up! But don't drive. Stay at home & have these-in a supersized martini glass like mine if you can find one!

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