11 April 2013

Weekend recipe

The weekend it's here! Usually I'm not one of those people who go through the week longing for the weekend. But this weekend I need the time. For part of this weekend Hubby will be gone & I'll get to act like I did when I was single {with some very obvious exceptions}! I'll craft, watch terrible television for hours {something I rarely do anymore} & think. Yes. Thinking, evaluating, planning will be on the agenda, between pooh & walking breaks with the dogs...in the SNOW! Yes, it snowed here, & not a little {but not a whole bunch either}.

Weekends are good for getting priorities straight, health on track, catching up on sleep, creating, imagining & reminiscing. I think I might do some of this while baking this, finishing this, imagining that {before & after-but how about during-ballet class}, while watching this in between it all-guilt free!

Happy weekend! What are your plans. I hope they involve bad TV too. I'd feel less guilty {I know I said guilt free...but it's hard with bad television}. : )

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