18 April 2013

Weekend recipe

I cannot express how welcomed this weekend is in my world. This has been one heck of a work week. There were numerous times when I had to control & talk myself out of my frustration, irritation & disappointment. I hate those times!!  So this weekend, white 8" of snow is suppose to descend on us through this day & the evening {YEP}, I'm going to enjoy the mental & emotional relaxation this weekend will offer. Here's what is on the agenda...

drinks with neighbors {a common theme around here},
Barnes and Noble trip,
Pinnning, making up recipes, ballet
Lunch with a new acquaintance,
painting-an item of the house that is,
finishing my book finally {reading, not writing one},
catching up on my magazine reading.

All important stuff.

Have a great weekend everyone! Feel free to share your weekend plans here.

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