26 April 2013

Weekend recipe

I am sooooo excited today. Not only because it is the weekend. Yah!! But we woke up to warm weather, the first time this Spring! It snowed here in my neck of the woods as early as last Tuesday. The ground was covered with snow! No it's 73 degrees & wonderful. I never through this time would come. Now I'm making plans....

I woke up & perused the Burbee garden site for seed sowing information & some plants to purchase {I'm thinking Blackberries};

I hit the Lehman's site to order a new hardcover catalogue & to look into canning & butter churning equipment to buy...I kid you not on the butter churning equipment;

I added this beautiful painting by Janet Hill as my Lock Screen & Wallpaper image on my iPad, because it makes me delighted. I love her work!; and

Now I'm off to get organic potting soil!

I'm busting with spring enthusiasm, finally! What are your plans this weekend? Let me know. Have a good one!

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