02 April 2013

What's Working at Casa Walczak

I thought that since I'll be sharing work spaces here, that I would let you in on mine. I do two main things at this desk that sits in the front of our home adjacent to our large picture window, my day job {yes, I primarily work from home although I have an office} & the actual writing of the posts for this site. When it comes to photo editing, it's all downloaded from my camera & edited on iPad. Because I live in the real world, you should be aware that his is the cleanest my desk has been in a long time. Usually I have piles of papers for my case files all over it. It's semi-clean for you. : )

Yes. I am one of those cheesy people who puts inspirational words on their computer. I also put inspirational quotes, prayers, & goals on post-its all around my computer screen too!

It's not uncommon for me to have case files on the corner by the floor for easy reach. I've had this ribbon my my chair for as long as I can remember. For some reason I just love ribbon! I would have it everywhere if I could.

I have random glass & up-cycled cans all over my desk holding various items. Like above. this glass box holds the paper ballerinas I have. I love ballerinas, since I am a ballet dancer. But it also hold potpourri to make my desk space smell great, white-out strips, & an ear bud organizer.

Because my desk is in front of the picture window, I often have company. That's only when any human is walking by & any dog with human is walking by. Henri & Finni have to know what is going on. They ARE the neighborhood watch!

This is Abraham Lincoln watching over me. He was an attorney too, before becoming a President.

Rarely do I use my iPad at my desk when not working during the day on formal documents. Usually I photo edit on the couch for the blog. But if I need to write on photographs downloaded to my iPad like with the above "pen" it's easier to do that at my desk.

This is where I create, besides my craft table. That's a post for another day!

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