15 April 2013

When Things Don't Make Sense

As I'm sure all of you know by now, there was an unfortunate & incomprehensible attack during the Boston Marathon yesterday. We have heard of & seen those who will be forever affected in major & minor ways as the result of a cruel "statement." Good cannot comprehend evil. So you, like I, cannot understand the motives, & thinking of a person(s) who would do such a thing. Nor does it escape my consciousness that things like this happen in other countries more commonly, with many more countless victims.

I lived in a European city, to wake up to the shaking of my room due to a bomb explosion one block over. I was always conscious of this potentiality, because I had been advised by my program of it. Nevertheless, the explosion was shocking & the lives lost were no less important. My gratefulness for life was magnified.

I was at Ground Zero approximately one week after the 9/11 terrorist attacks-something all of my senses will never forget. My friend & I were to attend an award show of all things. The show's coordinators thought it was more of message of survival to continue, despite the attempts to dismantle a city & a nation. I felt compelled to fly to the city, as a former resident with a feeling that NYC had been the only place I had ever felt was truly home to me. It made me sad, memorized, & glad to see. Sad & memorized about the senseless horror of it all. Glad to see a city bent on survival.

I say all this as a way to acknowledge my understanding of the fear the marathon goers felt (& anyone any place in the world who has had the unfortunate luck of encountering such horror), & my sympathy for the results of lunacy.

Maybe it's my age, experiences or something more innate, but in circumstances like these I don't ask why. I don't seek to understand the incomprehensible. What I do know & believe is that our world despite these occurrences is not going to evil. What we find during these circumstances is the out pouring of aid, help, sacrifice & world grief. That just proves to me-that the world is actually going to God, despite attempts to the contrary.

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Thomas Walczak said...

Well said. You words are very comforting.