15 May 2013

Casa Walczak: The Random Planned Stuff we Do

So here we are, some of us at Casa Walczak over one of these past weekends. After years, literally years (about 5-6) I actually started a vegetable garden. I germinated some vegetable & fruit from seeds on on top of my fridge & then planted them in the ground. Yes! I'm a farmer.

These are watermelon plants. Can you believe sweet old big watermelon come from this? I have to admit, they are not doing so well now. Crap! Oh well. There are also cucumbers & zucchini in this set. If anyone has any vegetable gardening advice out there, I'm all ears.

Your's truly in the big floppy hat before ballet & after gardening. No. I don't wear the hat to ballet. But maybe it would distract from my technical problems in class

This is what the others inside the house were doing at the time. But I assure you, they'll want to eat the food without lifting a finger to help!

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