29 May 2013

Corn Salad

How does one make the discussion of a dish or recipe interesting? Any ideas? This is not a rhetorical question. I'm sincerely asking: "How does one make the discussion of a dish interesting?" I'm here to entertain. And I am also here to impart some knowledge to you too. But I'm also here to entertain. Maybe I'll start making up some fantastic story on the history of a dish, or how it came to be. Jesus knows I've got enough voices in my head. But I've been told not to pay attention to all of them.

This for instance is a corn salad. {I hear crickets chirping in the background. Do you hear them too?}

That's it. My wit is over. I'm all witted out. What I will add is that this recipe is from a new old cookbook I purchased over the Memorial Day weekend, called: Woman's Home Companion Cook Book. My book is dated 1946. It's all torn & used. I love it. I also love how men never ever came into the picture when it came to shopping & meal preparation during this time in American culture. But I could have sworn from middle school there was something about male hunters & food. But I'm a little cloudy on this one.

Corn Salad
from the Woman's Home Companion Cook Book
serves 6

2 cups, home-cooked or whole-kernel canned corn
3/4 cups diced celery
1/4 cup chopped green pepper
1/4 cup pimiento of sweet red pepper, cut in strips
1 1/2 tablespoon onion, grated (I diced mine)
French dressing to moisten (the book provided & I made a homemade french dressing-it is not included here)

Drain the corn. Mix it with the celery, green pepper, onion & pimiento (or red pepper). Moisten with french dressing. Chill.

Serve in lettuce cups or on individual plates. Garnish with parsley or water cress.

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