21 May 2013

Ides of March: Oh dear Brutus what have You Done?

I would vote for this man for President. Wouldn't you? That face. That Clooney face. Don't worry Hubby already knows my likeness for that face.

It's an "off" election year so Hubby & I thought it safe to dive into some political moves, The Ides of March being one of them. It's a normal political tale, that that will surprise in some places & not in others. It won't restore your faith in politics, that's for sure. But it begs the question that I always have about politicians...why get involved in that blood sport?

Who knows. But this movie made sporting event has a great cast of actors, so it's heavy on dialogue, smarts & character believablity. Oh movie politics! Writing about this makes me miss the idealism of the West Wing. Thank goodness I have some on DVD & all of them on streaming Netflix. I'm off to watch the Barlett administration!

photo images: Columbia Pictures

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