12 May 2013

Monday morning recipe: Cooking up your Value

I have this theory. Okay, it's a theory that I heard from someone else, but I've adopted it as my own. Here it is. Everyone wants to be appreciated. That's it. But what that really translates to, is everyone wants to feel, valued. But the crappy thing about life, is that quite often people won't treat us as valuable, or they'll forget your value. But that is not to say, we don't have any! Life's hard. But not in the ways we believe. We think it's hard to be negative, or depressed or feel worthless. Heck, that's easy stuff! We can get that reinforced all day long. The hard thing about life, is walking through it being positive, joyful & believing we have worth...despite what we see, hear & in most times feel. Those are the actions of heroes, generation changers...summed up, people of action. It's our job to know our inherent value, regardless of the mistakes we've made & the way we've been treated. I guarantee if we know our true worth, all the way down to our bones, nothing can stop us, & nothing will ever be the same. So why don't we start today, this Monday morning, Walking, talking, & acting like we know we've got some immeasurable worth!


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