19 May 2013

Monday morning recipe: Rushing for you Life?

Let me ask you some questions. How did you spend your weekend? Did it go off without a hitch? Did you get everything done, you needed & wanted to? Are the last two day's somewhat of a blur?

Now let me ask you how your Monday began today. Did you hit the snooze too long? Did you linger at breakfast? Where you desperately trying to get to your car, then your job...because you were running late?

Are the above questions par for the course for you? Is "rushing" your hyphenated second last name?

I have to admit. I have a serious problem with rushing. If I'm not running a bit behind, I'm on to the next task...rarely to appreciate finishing the one before. Dog gone it, if I don't feel like I have time for anything, because I'm rushing around trying to do everything. And enjoying nothing.

Rushing, is a life stealer folks. It leaves you dazed, confused, panicked  & amnesia ridden. For the sake of your sanity, family, friends, co-workers, & children's children's children, learn how to slow down. Today. Now. This minute.

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