05 May 2013

Monday Morning Recipe

Happy Monday. "Yes. Happy Monday." Remember those big plans we had for the new year. We were going to do "this." And we were going to finally slay the dragon of "that." Well if you haven't quite gotten on your way to "this." And dragon slaying "thats" are a lot more work then you anticipated. Do not. And I repeat. Do not worry. It's easy to get back on track. "How?" you might be saying while mumbling under you breath how I am annoyingly optimistic & how could I know anything about your extremely difficult life? I don't. But, what I know for sure {that's an Oprah reference for any of you fans out there} everyone fails at some point in their goal reaching. However, the difference between the eternal quitters & the eternal achievers ..is that the achievers get right back up & start again the next day, hour, or minute later. Depending on which group you've lumped yourself into, you may find today's recipe very helpful.

Did I mention, Happy Monday!?

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