09 May 2013

Not Dry or Dull but a Bit Bitter to Swallow: Toast

 I have to say I absolutely hate it sometimes when I get a movie wrong. Or the back cover synopsis deceives me. In this instance I really can remember, except the movie was not what I was expecting. Why does this keep happening to me?

I was expecting a feel good movie about the joys of learning to cook. How food brought everyone & thing together. You know something with a Soul Food movie feel to it only, with British people. I wanted to feel good from this movie.

I didn't feel good from this movie. I felt sad for the main character, Nigel Slater (a real person by the way, a world famous chef) who we first meet as a little boy. I felt frustrated with his parents & life circumstances. I despised the evil step-mother. Finally. Finally! At the end I felt some relief.

Poor little Nigel, an only child, lives in a family devoid of culinary options (not fancy culinary as you may be thinking). His mother boils cans for dinner. Little does she know you're suppose to extract the contents of those can & then heat said contents. To add insult to injury...

His father is frustrated. Above all, his mother is sick. Nigel is confused, sad, & berated.

In comes soon-to-be & eventual step-mummy. She can make some mean dishes. 60s cuisine. Very well. I have to admit she made me want to cook & bake like a rock star! But that's it. Frankly, who has the time to make the spreads she set out. Instead of step-m's food bring solace to the young culinary starved Nigel-it brings familial dissension, & ultimately competition between step-m & teenage Nigel.

I won't go on...& spoil it for you. But one thing I can say, is that every life eventually has a happy ending if we hang in long enough. Man, sometimes we have to go through a lot of crap to get there, but eventually! Right! I would suggest popping this movie in the DVD. The, as any good controversey would have it, read the Daily Mail article from step-m's daughters & how they state that Toast (based off of Nigel Slater's biography) was bunch of pooh.

Tell me who you believe!

photo images: BBC

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