07 May 2013

Post Dogie Surgery: Henri and the Painkillers

I mentioned in the post last Friday that our weekend would be full of taking care of Henri post-surgery. This is him, two days out. Secretly I was hoping he would have a cone on his head, because it's just good humor. But our vet suggested a tee-shirt instead. I think a capped sleeved shirt would have shown off his legs more, but we didn't have one available.

I have to back-track and say Henri was a poor sight on Friday after surgery. For all intents & purposes he was completely stoned from the surgery medication. We should have known what we were in for when Henri pooped in the middle of the parking lot as we were leaving the vet. It was like grass did not exist, & gravel was the dogie toilet of 2013. Once we got home, it got even worse. We really needed him to sit still. He just had a teeth cleaning (for the 1st time) & 6 lumps removed from his body. Stitches are everywhere under his poor belly. Henri wanted nothing to do with being stationary. He literally wandered around the house in a complete daze for hours. His eyes looked as if they were dilated.  He acted as if he had a stroke & the left temporal portion of his brain that comprehends language (specifically the Wernicke's area of the brain-don't worry I had to look it up) was irreparably damaged.

Sit. Lay down. Potty. Eat. Food.

They meant nothing. To fully grasp the concept as to how high Henri was, Henri not responding to the mere words, "eat" or "food" is like the sun not rising anywhere in the world.

It was so sad. He could barely walk. His gate was almost at 45 degrees-which made getting places that much more difficult for him. And a tad bit amusing. This coupled with the obviousness that Henri had no plan as to where he was going at anytime that evening. Every 40-50 seconds he would attempt to bend his hind legs as if to sit. Then on cue he would wisely decide otherwise. This utterly confused me, because the lump on his thigh was not removed so he had no surgery on his legs. But Hubby reminded me, that he had major surgery on his tummy & part of his groin (there was a lump there too)! And well...Henri's hesitation to sit & lay & to walk in a straight line was understandable. Even his hesitancy to pee!

For such a discombobulated dog, we were lucky enough to only have to do one 3:00 am wake up call that night.

By the next day, the light was back in his eyes and the term "food" regained its meaning & preeminence in Henri's life. Nothing could have prepared us for painkiller Henri. But, after his recovery process is complete we all agree (Dr. & all) that he'll have a new spring in his step.

I would show you his extremely stitched up tummy. But for issues of privacy, Henri has declined the request.

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