20 May 2013

Spruce up your cooking & home keeping by going back to the 1950s

I may have mentioned in passing at some point that I Love old cookbooks, with a capital "L." Here's why I suggest every home have some old cookbooks in it.

1. It's so nice to eat a simple well balanced meal with dishes that used to be in vogue over 50 years ago.
2. Their pieces of history. If you want to know the culture at any given time, get an old cookbook.
3. You'll actually learn how to do things, that you did not think you could do, usually at all, because we're so used to purchasing everything.
4. Usually you'll get complete menu ideas.
5. There are so many less ingredients for recipes back then, than now. I love my family but I don't want to spend my whole salary on our meals.

I have quite of few old cookbooks. Right now this Betty Crocker cookbook from the 1950s is my favorite. One day Hubby & I happened upon a garage sale, not looking for one mind you. There was a box of free books {because why would I pay $2.00 for a book when I can get some for free. Yikes!}. Inside that box was the very used & somewhat worn cookbook you see above. It's so great! It tells how a good homemaker properly feeds her family. Notice I said "her" because there is nothing in this book geared towards "him". But there are nice illustrations of him coming home, & the homemaker in the kitchen happy with food in her arms. Or a little girl running to her daddy as he walks through the door with his brief case. I love it, because we're removed from those stereotypes now. Right!? But what I really love are the old common recipes.

I've made Salmon Loaf, Chile Con Carne, Kentucky Corn Bread, & Southern Corn Pudding. Not for one sitting mind you. But these are recipes that are not in the common "foodie"lexicon anymore {although I think a Southern might disagree with me about the corn bread & corn pudding}. For this reason I love these old cookbooks. Plus, all of the dishes have been very good tasting & easy. Just a heads-up, "fat" & "shortening" is used for a lot of recipes. So you may want to substitute that out. "May" being the operative word.

Next time you pass that garage sale. Make sure to look for a free box! But then also look for an old cookery book, pre-1965 preferably. Just know, you don't have to make the liver & onions.

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