03 May 2013

Weekend recipe

I'd like to tell you that this Weekend I'll be frolicking in the sun. Planting my vegetable seeds. Hitting the bike trails in a fabulous floppy hat. I can't tell you any of these things, because they simply are not true. You see...it snowed here today. Yes! While it did not accumulate, it's cold enough for it to snow here today. I'll take all the pity you can muster. I want emails of empathy! Be warned, ridicule will not be tolerated!

Plus today, our little Henri had surgery. He had his teeth cleaned, & 6! lumps removed from his body. So this weekend Hubby & I are playing nurse maid to our drugged up on pain medication, tooth aching dogie who is stammering around endlessly in a daze. He does not want to lay down. I don't blame him. Our doctor told us to prepare ourselves over the phone, because he looks like Frankinpuppy! And he does! So many cuts & stitches on his abdomen. I'm happy to take care of our Henri this weekend. He's brought so much love & joy to this home (& gotten us talking after some fights) it's the very least we could do.

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