18 May 2013

Weekend Recipe

It's here...can you believe it. The Weekend. I'm trying to not get bogged down in all the things I need to accomplish during these "work free" two days. I have more & more planting to do, tomato & lettuce germinated in the house from seed. What I've learned is you can't procrastinate on this, as evidenced by my dead watermelon. Try, try again.

Hubby & are picking up our new tree this weekend from our city's Tree Trust program. It's a program to create green canopy in the city. Every year they sell trees to city residence very cheap. The tree I picked is suppose to grow into a monster. Good luck residences of this home in 30 years, with all that raking & pruning! I really wasn't trying to stick it to the future residences of this house. It's so blazing hot on our back deck because we have no shade...they'll actually thank us later. I'm thinking of carving our, initials hubby & mine, in the trunk of the tree with a heart in between {when the tree can handle it}. The future inhabitants of this house will assume the initials represent young love. When really it will be middle aged love, more middle for Hubby than me. : )

I wish I could say ballet was on the schedule for me this weekend as usual, but not so much. While my antsiness is attempting to get the best of me, I think I need a couple more days to heal this foot.  I wish I could find my symptoms on the internet, but I can't. If you're a doctor, particularly a podiatrist or specialize in sports medicine ignore that last sentence, then send me your office information so I can schedule an appointment.

Over & out!

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