01 May 2013

Who Done It In Victorian London: and the Author's True Murder Mystery

Here's something about me. I love to read. I love a good mystery, book, television show, movie & in real life. I've been reading the Thomas and Charlotte Pitt novels by Anne Perry. They take place in Victorian England. Inspector Pitt investigates some fairly gruesome deaths & his wife assists in her very Victorian way. I just finished book 2 in the series-Callender Square last night {book 1 is the Cater Street Hangman}. At the end of my copy there was an interview with the author Anne Perry. The following day I was discussing the interview, which was benign, with Hubby, & I was trying to determine the author's age. Hubby decided to do a Wiki search for me.

He look over the table at me & said in disbelief "did you know the Anne Perry is a convicted murderer?"That's a mystery!

Anne Perry changed her name from her given name after her conviction & release as an accomplice of the bludgeoning of her friend's mother at 15 years old. Crazy! That story I think is more fascinating then the novels. Bad choices? Ms. Perry in the interview stated that by the age of 13 she was sick. I don't know what that means. A story of redemption? Whatever it may be it's interesting, just like her books. Apparently, this story of two girls one of which was the daughter of the murder victim & Ms. Perry, was memorialized in the movie Beautiful Creatures-staring Kate Winslet. When the movie was made no one knew the girl accomplice in the true life story was author Anne Perry. Life is unexplainable! More interesting then fiction.

But if you want an interesting murder mystery I would recommend this series of books so far.

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