15 June 2013

a Beautiful Life: Wise Acre in iPhotos

You know when you live in a place, but you never take advantage of all the things it has to offer. It's like the tourist know more than you about your own city. You just wind up going to the same places over & over & over & over again. Only to complain that you want to go somewhere new. Although, new things are all around you.

Hubby & I decided to venture this "new" "old" restaurant called Wise Acre. We're excited, can't you tell? It's "new" in that it was the first time we went there. It's "old" in that it's been in our neighborhood for over two years, & we've known about it that long. Talk about getting out there! The saddest part of all, is that we went on the farm tour last year of the people who own the restaurant & have the food delivered fresh to their establishment everyday.

Why were we waiting to eat there? Fresh food from a farm 40 minutes out side of the city everyday, is the menu of this great establishment. Organic everything, & cows, chickens & pigs that eat what cows, chicken & pigs are suppose to eat...cage free. We've seen it with our own eyes!

The food was good as expected. This was hubby's organic taco salad, with homemade tortilla chips, pulled pork, white cheddar cheese, and salad greens.

This was my beet hummus sandwich with vegetables, with homemade french fries. Yum!

So if I learned one thing from Wise Acre it would be this. "new" is all around us. We just have to choose it. Plus good for you food, can be really good. But I already knew that.

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