08 June 2013

Books: a Girl, a Cowboy, the Country, Some Kids & a Blog

I love a love story. First, it was Snow White. Is "Snow" her first name, & her maiden name "White?" Did she then become Snow Charming after she married Prince Charming? Or was "Charming" the prince's first name...like Prince Charles, or Prince Phillip?

Then there was Cinderella. Decidedly more simple since I think she only had a first name, like Madonna or Cher.

Of course, there was Ken & Barbie., a relationship no man could tare asunder. Not even Skipper, no matter how hard she may have tried. Is Skipper still around?

Then there was Ree Drummond & her Marlboro Man {Ladd as preferred by his parents at birth}. If you don't know who Ree Drummond is: 1) you're not a blogger, 2) you're not a blog reader {which I find highly unlikely since you are reading this}, 3) you don't like to cook or you only cook foodie food, or 4) you don't have the cooking channel. If any of these descriptions apply to you go to The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond's blog, & get acquainted.

Whether you know the Pioneer Woman or not this is thoroughly entertaining book about a thoroughly entertaining woman who meets a cowboy...their courtship...& the first year of marriage. It's an easy read. Being a fan of Ree Drummond's humor on her blog, I was not disappointed in the book.  It's a fun anytime read. I have to say it got me thinking. What a nice legacy to leave to your children or anyone, a memorial of how a couple meets & all the twists & turns to the aisle {including some info on some major frog kissing before hand}. It got me thinking I should write down me & Hubby's courtship...for no other reason than we may become so old & forgetful that reading it will leave us in suspense as to how it ends.

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