12 June 2013

Casa Walczak: this past weekend

Everything takes a little more time. Except typing. You see for the past 4 weeks I've been a "shoe." I was offered a "boot." But I don't like "boots" I've had previous experience with a "boot." Up to my knee for three months in the middle of summer. So I opted for the "shoe." You see my foot is fractured. The bones specifically. There is a downside to ballet, flat feet & too much too soon. But my biggest fear is that people will think that this is my "shoe" of choice. Bought & paid for at some hideous shoe like store. That's why I make the limp extra big out in public. Just kidding.

I'm thoroughly in love with my first vegetable garden. The butter lettuce {the top picture} & the squash. I also have cucumber, carrots & watermelon that are growing. Being a new gardener, I have no idea when these crops are to be harvested or how I know they're ready. For instance carrots. Do the carrots start popping out of the ground? Cucumbers...I have no idea how they really grow or look on the plant. I'm just a city girl with a victory garden & now some harvesting vegetable books from the library. All the rain we've been having has been a God send. I keep praying "God bless my garden!" So far my prayers are being answered. Now on to the next plot of land for a new seed sowing.

This is my current read. I'm only about 50 pages into the 500+ page novel. But so far I understand why Kate Morton is a best seller. Already!

I've been trying to get a picture of our neighborhood cardinal for ages. Finally the camera & zoom lens was near enough when needed, & this guy decided to stay a while. At least I think it's a boy. But it could be a girl. Anyway she wasn't in a hurry. Until he got sick of the photo shoot. Models. They are so high maintenance.

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