23 June 2013

Monday Morning Recipe: Everything's Going to be Alright

There are some things I miss from childhood. I miss the way that fun, without the pressure of responsibility came so easily. I miss how it was alright to cry & say: "You hurt my feelings" & no one thought the lesser of you. I miss how you could say "Yuck" whenever it was yucky, & everyone thought it was cute or someone made apologies for you. But either way, you didn't care. I miss when I was sad, frightened or hurt, my mom holding me...rocking me a little & telling me it would be okay. And I simply believed her, because it was true.

Now I, & you are a little older. But the same feelings of sadness, fear & hurt can come upon us, sometimes in the worst of ways. What's so odd, is that there isn't someone there immediately to tell us it's gonna be okay. I'm here to tell you, no matter what cornucopia of feelings you might be going through {with the exception of the feeling of joy-that's a good feeling} it's going to be okay. If you have a mom still at your disposal-tell her your problems, or maybe don't-but make sure to ask her to just tell you it's gonna be okay. If you don't have your mom around anymore, then tell yourself. Regardless, of which scenario you find yourself, you just have to believe. Just like when you were a kid.

It's gonna be okay.

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