16 June 2013

Monday Morning Recipe: The How to, to Happiness

I'm a how-to woman. My blog is about how-to...cook, live &c. I'm always searching for the "how." Because I hate reinventing the wheel. I like inventing, creating. But come on, if it ain't broke...I don't go along & try to fix it. That's not how I roll. So Monday is here, or it's approaching for some of you. And gosh darn it, you just can't get happy about it {or the whole week for that matter} no matter how hard you try! Well, I have it on good authority, Stephen Covey that is, whom I happen to read, there is differences between you & the happy people. So you want to be happy? Okay then. Read this. Oh yeah, & one tiny winy little bittle thing more...you have to do it.

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