02 June 2013

Monday morning recipe

I don't know how you feel about Matisse & the color pink. But I love Matisse especially his cut out period (I'm not sure if that is the technical name. It's a long way away from my art history major). I love pink. I never understand women who don't love pink. Do you? I digress.

If I already thought Henri Matisse was great, I think he's now even greater with this quote.

Creativity takes Courage!

But this is not just referring to art, it refers to creating anything. I believe the reason we might not create the lives we want is because we lack the courage. But "Courage" means "the ability to do something that frightens one." So courage is about doing it {whatever "it" may be} afraid. Oh well there, it's solved. The fear doesn't have to go away. Nor will it, until we are use to doing it, & we realize we haven't died.

Let's Create Afraid!

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