09 June 2013

Monday morning recipe

Don't be confused your not at Starbucks, or Caribou, or the Coffee Bean or the.... And you are not looking at the community board at one of those coffee shops. You are also not on Craig's List. In fact, if you were, I don't know if I'd be advising you to "a chance." But you're here on FaVorable Food. I'm giving you some food for your spirit today. Take a chance! Print this out, pull out one...& take a chance. Only you know what the "chance" is. Now once you take the chance & for some reason it doesn't work out (but I highly doubt it), go back to your print out & take another chance. See how easy that is. Life is about taking one chance after another.

If while you're taking that chance, & some one has the nerve to say: [frown & have a condescending tone] "Why are you doing this?" And you're scared to say honestly, "Because I want to lady! Mind your own beeswax." Instead say: "Because the bulletin board at {Starbucks, or Caribou, or the Coffee Bean or the...} dared me to." Make sure you don't mention anything about Craig's List though in this context.

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