06 June 2013

Our Midweek Trip to Camp

This past week our house camper, Steph, had to go up to her old summer haunt to prepare for the little ones {or not so little teenagers} who expect games, sailing, horseback riding, swimming, sailing, projects, crafts, chores {even at camp}, & just general merriment during the summer. After thinking about all that activity, I think I might start going to summer camp. When I got the "Now You're an Adult" brochure {you remember getting that, right} camp was never mentioned. I might make it an option again, however. But it just so happened that I attended this camp some many many many many many many many years ago. Walking back on its premises was like a time warp of sorts. Nothing had changed. And some things had changed. But really the best part of it was driving with my family 3 hours outside of the city during the weekday & taking in the northern fresh air. The thinking time is something I would not have traded for the world, plus the day off.