19 June 2013

Our Visit to GlamDoll Donuts

If I could have a donut everyday for every meal I would. I mean I could. But muumuus are not my cup of tea. The way I love donuts I would surely be muumuu material. So when I learned of Glamdoll Donuts from my husband, not just any donuts you guys, it was good & bad news. Thank God it's not in my neighborhood. I can't even fathom what would happen to me if they were. But I can for sure tell you, that Glamdoll's sales would increase exponentially. They would only have to direct market to one, to stay in business.

Can you get over donuts that look like these? I think not.

Hubby, happy in line at Glamdoll. To be clear, he does not have the same love for the donut like I.

This place is so cute. It's retro decor is fantastic. All those jars at the top of shelf are some of their amazing toppings. Who does not love a great coffee or cappuccino with their sugar!

Here's our take.

Here is my glory!

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