17 June 2013

Pepperoni Salad with Parmesan

Pepperoni does not scream healthy. It screams cheesy pizza with accompanying olives, & green pepper & maybe more cheese. I am admitting I hate pepperoni pizza. I hate the pepperoni in the pizza. But give me a pasta salad I can handle pepperoni, but its not my favorite. There's a theme emerging here. You sense it too? So you may be asking, "Why then are you pushing a pepperoni salad when you don't even like pepperoni?" I'll tell you why in a story, a true story.

I used to be a on a lawn boiling team for some years. After our matches every now & again we would have dinner. I would order the fish & chips. I love fish & chips. But every time I had fish & chips at this pub, three bites into the fish I would feel like I would have to vomit {although I never actually did}. Then I would waste my fish AND chips. I ordered this meal about four times, all with the same result. Finally, on the fifth time my team member & friend said: "Why are you going to order the fish & chips again? Don't order the fish & chips. You feel sick every time you have them. The experiment is over."

Beside the obvious fact that I like to waste food & money. And clearly I have no self preservation skills. The underlying message is, I don't quit. That ain't my shtick {ala Berry White}. So I was not going to quit on pepperoni. And I'm glad I didn't. Because, to answer your question from 15 & one-half days ago...I actually like this salad. That is why I'm pushing it!

Pepperoni Salad with Parmesan: All the ingredients should be added in your desired amounts.

Ingredients: Lettuce {preferably Romaine or Butterhead}; Pepperoni, White Onion, Parmesan.
Directions: Add all the ingredients into a bowl. Toss well. Serve. Add dressing {preferably a nice mild french}.

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