03 June 2013

Tuna and Goat Salad

I think I missed the preparation for swimsuit season. It's June already. So I can't say that this salad, while filling, can still prepare you for swimsuit season. Because it can't. It may be too late for you, like me. For this season that is. 2014 is a different story altogether though. Start now with this salad, & you'll be going gang busters next summer. Or how about, while filling, this salad can keep you in swimsuit season shape. That's assuming you got there. I'm not there, I don't think. But that will not preclude me donning a swimsuit. A pretty one. In a bright color. One that will hide some things. Things that are meant to be kept secret.

Tuna and Goat Salad:  1 6oz can tuna; fresh goat cheese, in your desired amount; black olives, in your desired amount; lettuce, in your desired amount. Mix all the ingredients together and enjoy. This is not rocket science. Did you expect other directions? Try my old stand-by...white french dressing with this dish. It can't go wrong!

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