15 July 2013

Books: Three Very Old Sisters, Loads of Secrets & a Book-The Distant Hours

I hope I'm not repeating myself. I dare say that if I am, first "Sorry," second-the chances of this happening are ever increasing with the passage of each birthday. I recently heard that over 50% of people after high school will never read a full book again. That's astounding to me. Sad really. Considering...where do these people go to escape {"God. I hope it's not to T.V." literally I am saying this to God}? How are their imaginations fostered? Where do they meet terribly terribly interesting "people" & learn their stories? Do you know? "God, I hope its not T.V."

If you've been reading this blog long-or just the proceeding paragraph, you know that I am not one of those persons. That's why I have to tell you about Kate Morton {one of my new favorite authors} & her book the Distant Hours. This story vacillates between the time of the narrator in the early 1990s and where the true story takes place in the late 1930's until 1941. We meet three sisters...all very old in the time of the narrator, and young when the stories, romances, lies, and secrets take place during the war. Kate Morton has one of those rare novels where you really don't know what happens until the last page. That is rare feat. The way she creates relationships through dialogue is gifted. You think you know these sisters in the castle, their familial dynamic, their motivations, & their hindrances, but you really don't.

I really loved this book. I like a long read where I feel everything is explored and exposed. If you want to truly escape into a captivating, heart breaking book-I suggest the Distant Hours.

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