09 July 2013

Farm to Plate and Now to Glass: Edible Cocktails

Tis the season for the farmers market & vegetable gardens (at least where we live). But if it's not the season for you, keep this under your toupee for later. This is also the season for cocktails. Well let's be honest here...isn't every season the season for cocktails. I think so! When the seasons (gardening & cocktail) form a perfect alignment you should endeavor to make edible cocktails.

As with most of my books now, before I purchase them I borrow them first from the library. I just happened upon this book while strolling the food section. Since this is my first year of vegetable gardening (which is going very well by the way...I'll show you in a later post), this book fed into my excitement to use my upcoming harvest in a variety of different ways. Truth be told, I never thought of fresh farm or urban garden harvested vegetables as a source for drinks.

The recipes are fairly simple. But I believe the best way to get the most out of this book is: 1) have access to fresh vegetables, 2) have access to time, & 3) have a fully stocked bar. I have the first two. Since having this book it has encouraged me to purchase spirits that I would not normally get.

This book has also peaked my interest in making a simple syrup for my summer cocktails & mocktails. But not just any simple syrup (which the book has the recipe for too), but rather a rhubarb simple syrup. Rhubarb has been abundant here. So I took the time to make. And I love it. It's so good with a vodka & club soda mix, or just with club soda.

& I can't wait to do a cucumber infused vodka-that is when my cucumbers are harvestable. So if you want to move your farm not only to the plate but to the glass. I highly recommend you start here with Edible Cocktails.

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