22 July 2013

Monday Morning Recipe: How to Find the Answers

I have to admit that this little gem is for me this week. It would be so great if it were for you too. But going into this week...I really need this. Without going into specifics, some change was thrust upon me. While I dreamed of it, & hoped for it every waking hour...that's as far as the dream got. In my world, evidently the notorious G.O.D. believes I'm ready, but I don't feel ready. So it's important for me to stay calm, & take steps whether they are the right one's or not. Just keep moving forward, right!? Our sermon at church this past Sunday was about "new things" & the old Nike add "just do it." I too, have to remember the ladder. So if for some reason, you're in the same boat, know you're not alone. I'm in that canoe myself. All this week, if you follow me on Twitter or happen to call me, I assure you...you'll hear me say {really to myself} 1, 592 time "Relax and stay calm...He's got ya!"

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