21 July 2013

Old and New Friends meet at the Supper Club

There was a group of us who met at a law firm over a decade ago. In turn we have met each other's significant {& eventually not so significant-anymore, others over these years}. But some how, some way despite going our separate ways in jobs & states we've managed to stay in contact. One of the originals at the firm, payed us a visit for an evening. Of course, an immediate get together was mandated. As we played around with places-Hubby suggested an old supper club that is a staple of our city called the Monte Carlo.

We were more then excited to catch up with our "guest" since she has long left us for a new city & state. As is usually the case, most of the pictures of the evening center around her with everyone else. Which is always fun.

The light was dim. The mood jovial. We relived old stories & created some new ones. Hubby will never forget the guest of honor calling him a "Hipster." This was just as surprising for Hubby as it was for the rest of the table. Don't get me wrong Hubby is...well, he's just no hipster. He attempted to get her to say the statement again on video. As Hubby believed, as well as the rest of us, that this descriptive adjective would probably never be used to describe him again-in his lifetime, mine, or anyone else's at that table. : ) But no do'in. There were no repeats. Therefore, I had to put it on this blog to memorialize it forever.

As some events would have it, sometime in the evening the men had their own conversations going & the women their's. There are only some things you can share with the same sex. Don't you agree? But regardless, those moments were brief. All in all we had a great dinner, great cocktails & most importantly...great conversation.

To see more pictures from this night go to my photography website at here.

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