30 July 2013

Zucchini Blossoms: an Appetizer...in very special homes

Food should be exciting correct? As I write my opening sentence, I'm feeling as if I only eat cheeseburgers & fries, everyday...& find it a culinary adventure. Where the pangs of guilt are coming from, I have no idea. I like trying new things. Really!

While at a party talking to my friend & her husband about our gardening endeavors-well really mine since it's my first year & their 19th (it seemed), he told me that my zucchini blossoms were considered a delicacy. This peaked my interest. Delicacy means rare, & in the food realm-expensive. My mind began swimming with the thought that these rare, expensive flowers are growing like semi-well thought out weeds right outside our side door. Then I immediately realized my culinary fortune.

By the time I had heard I had a food gold mine in my back yard, I had already run across a recipe for zucchini blossoms in one of my many gardening books. But it said nothing about it being a, delicacy. Therefore, like most normal Americans I ignored it. This was partly based on my immediate culture and also based on past experience. The last time I made flowers-they were sugared & placed on a cake. To my chagrin they tasted like sugared flowers-not candied flowers. Thank God they were under a cake.

So, a few days later after my encounter with my friend & her husband, Hubby & I enthusiastically cooked our male blossoms. The fact that they were all male should have clued me into what was in store. I happen to not pick the flowers-they had naturally fallen off. But they were all male. You never want to eat the males (sounds rather...canabalistic doesn't it) because the males fertilize the female flowers to produce zucchini's. You want as many males as possible. But we cooked our males. We may have been punished for it, or maybe just me.

I did not like them. But hubby did.

I thought, and still think we may have over fried them? They look like chicken wings. : ) But they don't taste like chicken wings.
: (

I have since seen other recipes that have a few more things in them with the zucchini blossoms that I'm interested in trying. It seems as if the other ingredients might give a good buffer to the flower taste. But there is something about getting a base recipe down. Don't you think? The recipe we used is a base recipe.

Recipe: Coat Zucchini Blossoms lightly with egg. Fry in olive oil until golden brown.

That was it. So here is my question to you, food lovers. What is your zucchini blossom recipe? If this is it, do you have any suggestions for me and Hubby at our next turn? Our do you think that when it comes to flowers it's just not in my gastronomic repertoire given my sugared flower history?

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