19 August 2013

Back in the Day Cafe: one of the the best bakery cookbooks

There are certain things that every person needs. Food. Shelter. Cookies. Cake. Speaking of cookies & cakes, it's best to get recipes from the best. The best is the Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook. Casa Walczak (prior to Finni's appearance here) had the pleasure of stumbling on this place while in Georgia. We had no idea it was famous. All I knew
(because I have the predominate sweet tooth in the house, & the rest of the boys have the predominate meat tooth) was everything in the case looked scrumptious, the decor was super cute, and their signature lavender sugar cookie made me want to faint with delight when they (Yes...I had multiples) touched my lips. As per my initial frugality, I picked this cookbook up at the library first. Now, I cannot see being a real baker without it. Plus, even if you don't bake, you can eat the pictures they look so amazing.

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