06 August 2013

Banana ice cream: without the ice cream maker

During law school me & my friend Amy had a penchant for skipping Thursday morning classes.  Learning the law was important, for the future benefit of society of course, & our future malpractice carriers. But, on Thursday mornings...something else took precedent. Estate & garage sales. You see Thursday morning was always the start of weekend estate sales & garage sales.  Still is. Therefore, every Wednesday night, Amy and I get the early early edition of the Thursday paper to scope out our early morning map.

One particular Thursday, Amy encountered an old fashioned ice cream maker. Old, in that you had to churn it by hand. She fell madly in love with the concept of the labor & the potential for homemade ice cream. She purchased it. I was in love with the concept of homemade ice cream. I wanted nothing to do with churning. Later that weekend we purchased the ingredients to make the ice cream at her house. Cream. Ice. Flavor (maybe a berry or something...I can't remember}. What I can remember is the churning.
It was never ending! We took turns. But as God is my witness I would have bet my life we would never get ice cream out of that horrific arm torturer. But after 8.76 days that is exactly what we had, ice cream. I'm exaggerating, it was only after 3. 92 days. And to my dismay, the ice cream was ridiculously good! This was the first & last time I ever made ice cream. The horrors of that old maker have effected me so, that I don't even consider purchasing a modern electric ice cream maker.

But tell me I can do something fast with my hands or a good ol' kitchen cabinet appliance & I am in. For this ice cream, all you need are some bananas, a food processor, & a freezer proof container. I found this recipe off The Kitchn blog. I thought it was too good to be true. It's not.

Banana Ice Cream
recipe from The Kitchn

3 large bananas, cut into rounds

Place cut bananas into the freezer for 2 hours, uncovered.

Place the frozen bananas in a a food processor and pulse until smooth & whipped {this will take lots of starting and stopping, as the banana's will stick together making it impossible to pulse with out dividing it with a silicon spatula. However, after a few times, the banana will suddenly be broken down and begin to become creamy}.

Once creamy you can serve immediately, like a soft serve. Or place the whipped banana in a freezer proof container, covered, and let get hard. Serve.

You can see step by step instructions at The Kitchn.

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