05 August 2013

monday morning recipe: "ready or not..."

Recently I was watching a bible study by Beth Moore. The theme was that each of us was created for this particular time, for our individual purpose in order to impact the world. But during the midst of an empowering lesson, she paused to express her observations as to why people are not living their unique individual purposes, for such as time as this. This is because, as she believes, we as a culture have an epidemic of

perfectionism. She went on to explain that when we think of living our hearts desires we want to be perfect at them right out of the gate. We want to feel ready. In turn, our desire for perfectionism does anything but lead us to where we want to go. Rather, its pressure keeps us stagnant. Forever dreaming. But never moving toward that dream. I'm guessing Lemony Snicket observed the same thing.

Joyce Meyer said something once that I will never forget. In essence she said, "What makes you think that God will give you the luxury of being ready when you're called to live out your dream?" It was the first time I ever though of being "ready" as a luxury. But it is. If you & I look back on our lives I'm sure we could point to many, many times when things happened when we were not ready...more often than not, in good & bad. And look, we got through. We learned-& quickly. We got better, at whatever it was. Often times we got more than good results.

So my friends, if you're waiting for ready...you'll be waiting a long time. Don't say you weren't warned. But how long you want to, or are willing to wait...is entirely up to you.

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