21 August 2013

My Home Garden

I thought I would share some of my garden with you. This is my first year as an vegetable urban gardner (or any type of vegetable gardener for that matter). If I do say so myself, it's not going so badly.   I should have expected that really, since I have been reading about all things vegetable & flower gardening for about 4 years (maybe longer). But my fear of failure stopped me from action. Until I finally decided reading about gardening was sooooooo different from being a gardener. And I have failed at some things in this endeavor,
but the successes over ride the failures. This may sound cliche. And if you are already an established gardener, you may think "Duh!" to this next statement. But is so miraculous that these tiny seeds become these (in the case of my squash, overgrown) large desirable edibles. Who knew. All the stuff I love to eat can really, actually grow in my backyard.

Now I still have a lot to learn & much more I want to try to grow. But that's par for the course in any endeavor...which includes the eco-system of bugs that a garden attracts. I try not think about this. I also try not scream when I see a rather unique bug, anymore when I get in there & weed. I think the neighbors did not know what to think.

Has she been stabbed?

Is that a scream of delight?

Is she running into large garden bugs again?

I now try to nonchalantly shew them out of my path, always attempting to remember I am 1,236,987 times their size. It's not 100% full proof that thought. Especially, when they look like below, close up!

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