01 August 2013

Neighborhood Restaurant Review: Lynn on Bryant

The other day Hubby & I went to Lynn on Bryant. It is such a cute small restaurant in the middle of our hood. Of course, we were a bit behind in our discovery of it. Which is not a surprise. When Hubby asked how long they had been open, they stated about 8 months. Which prompted us to decide to create a new website called: Always the Last to Know & You Can Just Assume we Don't Know Anybody {I added the latter part...it seemed to fit}. We're currently in the process of trademarking these names, so find your own self depreciating blog titles. : ) Back to the restaurant. What is so lovely about this space is how light & open the dining is in this space, as you can see...

What I also loved is that as I looked around, I wanted to make our home kitchen decor look exactly like theirs...with the white subway tile backsplash, open shelves with baskets and glassware & kitchenware.  Of course my kitchen would have oodles & goodles of wine on the shelves like Lynn. We would gladly drink them all.

I don't have pictures of the food, because I became to overcome with eating it when it was place in front of me I forgot all about the camera I was lugging around. Needless to say, the food was good. Hubby had a nice round thick burger. It was not huge, but he assured me it was filling.  I had the breakfast sandwich with sausage. So good! You can take a look at the menu here. This great little neighborhood gem is committed to sustainability & in season dishes. After the meal we were tempted with their signature cider donut. Well, I'm never one to resist a donut-which is a good thing. It was like a thick fired cake, but not too sweet even though it had sugared on top. Go on their website here to see a picture of these incredible donuts & their other food. Neighborhood restaurant's like these make me so happy that I live in the city.

Lynn on Bryant is located at 5003 Byrant Avenue, (612).767.7797

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