About FaV Food

Welcome to our ever expanding corner of the blogosphere! For all intents & purposes, I'll be your host on this visit. Danielle Shelton Walczak (that's 2 last names, not a middle & last) is my name, but you can call me Elle. Hopefully, from the FaVorable Food manifesto (above... if you somehow missed it) you have a general idea of where we're coming from & what you can expect to find here. But let me expand a little, if you don't mind.

FaVorable Food started out in 2011 as a food blog. But as my family, I & our lovely growing community realized, man cannot live on bread alone. So we expanded, did some subtracting & consciously left out many blogoshpere trends.

What you'll find here is:
Food & Drink recipes: because we still like to eat & drink;
Inspiration: because, heck, we all need a nudge of our mind every now & again;
Ideas on How to Work & Live better: because we've made it all so hard, when really it's easy, creative, {chaotic at times, YES!} & fun;
Happenings in our family: because I love
my family, & this blog is for them as much
as you;
Talking: because I love to talk {ask Thomas Walczak
aka "Hubby" here}. You have no idea
how long the original manifesto was. I had to do some
serious editing. There might be a part 2 manifesto in
the future!
Three-Four posts per week: because what is the point of a blog
if it's not updated constantly. I can't commit to more
because I having commitment issues at the moment,
but I have been known to post more than that.

What you will not find here is:
20 something blogger trends: this includes
makeup & hair tips & modeling my latest outfit. 
I read 20 something bloggers. Some of them are my 
daily reads {you'll see them on the blog roll}, but I'll leave
those things to them & the fashion & beauty professionals.
Plus, I'm notoriously camera shy but I'm getting better;
Perfect Pictures: because I'm not a professional photographer {yet}
but I have to admit I'm getting better. Want proof? Look at this,
now look at this
Perfect grammar: {I just spelled "grammar" wrong...thank God 
for spell check! Maybe I should add Perfect spelling, to the 
Negativity & Complaining: because there is enough of 
this when you walk outside the door {& for some of you
inside your door}. No, life is not perfect but for Pete's sake
why are we going to sit around & talk about what's not good about
it?! I believe if we do that, we'll just get more of the same 
{I see a manifesto add on here}. So I choose to have more positivity. 

To sum it up visitors, & hopefully long-term travel buddies & friends...this is a no-limits blog. We believe you have no limits in your life either. I talk about & do a lot of things. My hope is you, talk about them & do them with me & my family. Welcome!

If you have any questions or want to chat about the meaning of life, you can email me at elle@favorablefood.com.